Nearly 2 million Americans partake in the enjoyable and exciting tradition of pheasant hunting every year. At Gumfarm Hunt Club, we want you to have the best experience possible and have provided some tips on equipment and gear to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready for the hunt!

  • Be sure to wear a blaze orange hat and hunting vest so that you will be visible at all times.
  • Wear a good pair of boots. While hunting pheasant, you will be traveling across varied terrain that will most likely cause some wear and tear on your feet. Investing in a good pair of boots while ensure that your feet stay warm, dry and comfortable.
  • Know the weather conditions in which you will be hunting in and be sure to dress accordingly. Dress in layers that can be added or removed, and stay away from clothing made from cotton as it retains moisture. Products made with polypropylene and fleece are good options as they wick moisture and retain heat.
  • Wear brush pants or field chaps as they will protect your legs and keep you dry when traveling through thick cover.
  • Use a shotgun that you feel comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the different gauges and weights of each gun.
  • Know whether you’ll be hunting steel shot or lead shot.